How to Get Kids to Listen: 7 Don’ts of Communicating with Children

How to talk so kids will listen

Communicating with children in an efficient manner is a paramount for their healthy development. But, how to get kids to listen? What you get them used to, while they are growing up, will reflect in how they will behave as adults. Parenting is sometimes rewarding, sometimes challenging, and learning how to get kids to listen along … Read more

What Is Assertive Communication: 3 Effective Ways You Can Improve your Relationship

assertive communication

No relationship is perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with not being perfect. Being imperfect as we are, means there is room to improve and learn how to be more assertive. Let’s see what is assertive communication. One of the most effective ways to make that improvement is to communicate more assertively. Both men and women can … Read more

Empathy Definition: Importance and Benefits of Practising Empathy in Everyday Life

empathy definition

Interested in empathy definition and empathetic meaning? We define empathy as an ability to feel and emotionally understand what another person is experiencing and going through. Keep in mind that lack of empathy works against us! Empathy is a popular topic among self-help gurus and life hacks lately, but do you know what it means, … Read more