35 Smudging Prayers For Love and Protection

The power of your words and the intent you bring to a smudging ceremony can profoundly impact its results. With such an abundance of options for performing space clearing rituals, it is wise to choose words that are most pertinent to what you are seeking in life.

Using a smudging prayer for love can be a great way to usher in love and positive energy while removing any negative energies that might be lingering in your space.

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice that involves the burning of herbs and resins in a process known as “smudging.” Native Americans have used this process for centuries to cleanse, purify and bring in positive energy.

It is believed that the smoke created by a sacred plant helps to cleanse negative energy, restore balance and harmony, and even bring good luck. The sacred smoke from the herbs is used to purify people and places, create a sacred space and a more balanced atmosphere.

There are many herbs that can be used in smudging, each with its own unique benefits and properties. Some of the most commonly used sacred herbs include white sage, cedar, juniper, lavender, and sweetgrass.

A sage bundle is often used in smudging rituals, and it is believed that the smoke from this bundle carries prayers to the Creator or Spirit World but each herb is believed to have different spiritual and healing properties and provide protection or positive energy.

The orange embers of the herbs, when smoldering, create a sacred smoke said to be able to cleanse negative energy and create a sacred space.

Indigenous people have used smudging for centuries as a spiritual practice, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years among non-native people as a way to cleanse and purify one’s environment. Smudging can be used to cleanse a space, home, or even people removing unwanted energy. 

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When To Perform A Smudging Ceremony

If you want to draw in more love into your life, a smudging ritual could be the perfect remedy. Here are some situations where it can be especially powerful:

  • on a wedding day and/or during wedding vows
  • after leaving or even during a negative relationship
  • before and/or after a move to a new home
  • after arguments, drama or trauma
  • before beginning a creative project
  • at the start of any new “chapter” in life
  • when you need more self-love

How to Smudge

If you’re ready to take the plunge and try smudging for the first time, here’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through every step of the process.

You will need the following items in order to smudge herbs:

  • Dried herbs or plants (sage, cedar, sweet grass, copal)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • An abalone shell or heatproof dish
  • A feather (optional)

Before you start, the first step is to breathe in and out a few times. Think about all the beautiful things you want from the ceremony. Then, light one of the matches or use the lighter to set the dried herbs or smudge stick on fire.

Once they are smoking, blow out the flame so that only the sacred smoke from the plant material is coming from them. You might need to relight the bundle a few times during the ritual if it goes out.

Now that your herbs are burning, walk around each room in a clockwise direction and hold the burning herbs at a 45-degree angle. Imagine any negative energies being pushed away from you. At doorways and windows, pause for a moment so that no negativity escapes when you clear it out of your home or office space.

While you are doing this, be sure to open windows so that any unwanted energies can be released outside into nature. Say a blessing, prayer, or anything else that feels natural and spiritually meaningful to you as you go.

Pay special attention to your front door, the corners of the rooms, and areas where you feel bad vibes or have had bad experiences as this is where negative energy tends to get trapped. These areas are great places to focus your energy and attention. Once you’ve gone around the entire space, pause and be still for a few moments of gratitude or meditation.

After you have used the herbs to cleanse the space, let them burn out in a safe container. Thank the herbs for their help and ask them to only leave positive energy behind.

When you are finished using your bundle, put the ashes in a fireproof container or heatproof dish. Then, press them down with another item like sea salt. After that, get rid of the ashes according to local regulations.

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It is always a good idea to begin your smudging with a prayer or intention, allowing yourself to focus on what you wish to achieve. Focusing on prayers of love is a powerful way to bring love into your space and can be used as a powerful tool for healing.

35 Smudging Prayers For Love and Protection

1. Pure love, surround me and fill my heart so I can spread it to those around me. Bring in a new energy of harmony and peace for us all.

2. Thank you for radiating love into my life, and allowing me to share it with those in need. May this love strengthen our connection and bring good vibes to all.

3. Mother earth, hold me in your arms and fill me with love, so that I may share it freely. Help us create a world full of love, joy, and understanding.

4. Fill my home with love, hope, and security so that we may feel safe, strong, and connected. Let us all be blessed with understanding and harmony.

5. Lord, grant me the courage to love without attachment, allowing me to give and receive love unconditionally. May our hearts be open and full of compassion.

6. I call on the divine power of love to fill me and my home, taking away all fear, anger, and pain and replacing it with joy and peace.

7. Open up the pathways of my heart and soul, so that we may understand our true purpose on this earth. Let love be the foundation of our journey.

8. May my spirit be filled with light and peace as I send out positive energy to my surroundings. Help me be thankful and live in balance.

9. Fill my life with love and harmony, so that I may spread it to those around me. May peace be our guide and joy be our companion.

10. Heal my heart and soul, connecting us all in harmony. Let me be present and open-minded so that love can flow freely between us.

11. My heart is open and ready to be filled with love. So come in and fill it up, so I can share it from the depths of my being.

12. Great Spirit, be with me and fill me with love so that I can bring it to all who need it. Help us all see the beauty in life and open our hearts.

13. Light up my soul and home with love, so that I can offer it freely and unconditionally to those around me. May harmony and understanding be in our midst.

14. I ask that love surround me so that I can be compassionate and thankful for all that I have. May our paths be filled with love, joy, and understanding.

15. Pour love into the holes of my life, so that I may be blessed with joy and peace. Allow me to look at the world with love and kindness in my heart.

16. Love, fill my soul and home with a bright energy of peace and understanding. May we all be blessed with love and light in our lives.

17. Let love be my guide, so that I may learn to accept and embrace the beauty of life. Allow me to be thankful and to see the world with open eyes.

18. May love be my shield, protecting me from the darkness in life and helping me stay strong. Let me be an example of love and kindness to the world.

19. I ask that my heart be filled with understanding, so that I may learn to appreciate and be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

20. Let love be my guide, helping me to stay strong and brave even in the toughest of times. May I be blessed with an abundance of joy and peace.

21. Remove negative energy from my home and replace it with love, joy and peace. Help me become an ambassador of love in this world.

22. Send negativity away, and bring in a new energy of harmony and understanding. Let us be blessed with love and gratitude for all we have.

23. Allow me to be the witness of love and joy, so that I may share it with those who need it. Help us create a world built on love and kindness.

24. Open my heart and soul to love, so that I may be an example of understanding and compassion for everyone in need. Let us all come together in harmony.

25. Shield me from the darkness of life with love, so that I can bring light into the lives of those around me. May peace prevail in our hearts and homes.

26. Bless me with a heart full of gratitude, allowing me to appreciate even the smallest things in life. Help us create a better world built on love and acceptance.

27. Bathe my home with kindness and understanding, filling it up with unconditional love so that we may feel safe and connected no matter where we go.

28. Fill my heart with gratitude and remove all resentment and anger, replacing it with joy and peace. Help us learn to be thankful for all that we have.

29. Let love be my companion even in the toughest of times, so that I may keep strong and face life with courage and hope.

30. May I always remember that love is the foundation of our journey on this earth, so let me always strive to spread it around me wherever I go.

31. Fill me up with positive energy, so that I can be an example of kindness and unconditional love for those around me.

32. Remove any doubt from my heart, allowing me to stay focused on what truly matters in life: love, understanding and harmony amongst all living creatures.

33. I ask that all of us be blessed with an abundance of peace and joy, so we can always remember to be thankful and loving towards each other.

34. Let love fill my heart, soul, home and life so that I may stay connected to the beauty of this world and its people.

35. Great spirit, thank you for blessing me with your presence and for filling me up with unconditional love every single day.

The Best Herbs To Smudge For Love

While a sage stick is the most common herb used in this ancient ceremony when it comes to smudging for love there are other herbs that can be used to help you attract the right spiritual love energy. Consider the following:

  • Palo santo wood – also known as “holy wood” carries a sweet scent that is believed to purify the air and open the heart to love.
  • Rosemary – the aroma of rosemary is believed to increase feelings of love and encourage trust.
  • Lavender – lavender has strong spiritual connotations and is used to bring in calming, peaceful energy.
  • Jasmine – jasmine is a symbol of passion and love, making it the perfect herb for a smudging ritual for love.
  • Rose petals – rose petals are a powerful symbol for love and can be used to draw in positive energies.

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Final Thoughts

The smoke of these fragrant plants and herbs are a reminder that love always carries with it the potential to create positive energy and allow us to heal. A spiritual cleansing ritual is a powerful and effective way to rid your space, home, or even people of unwanted negative energy. With the right spiritual awareness, you can use smudging and prayer to fill your space with love, peace, and harmony.

Inviting the spirits of sacred plants and herbs into your home is a powerful cleansing technique that is worth the time and effort. The art of smudging is an ancient practice that has been used by many cultures around the world for centuries. With prayer, intention and respect, this healing ritual can help create an environment filled with love and positivity. May your smudging prayers be answered, giving you a space to grow and heal in perfect harmony.