101 Womb Healing Affirmations

Womb healing affirmations can help to support you on your journey to recovery and wellness. Our womb is a very special and powerful place. It is the source of our creative power and the center of our femininity. When our womb is healthy and balanced, we feel confident, radiant, and connected to our inner power. …

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25 Root Chakra Mantras To Help You Feel Balanced And Grounded

The root chakra is the first of seven energy centers in the body and is located at the base of the spine. It governs our sense of safety and security and is responsible for our feelings of being grounded and connected to the earth. When this chakra is blocked or out of balance, we may …

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75 Transcendental Meditation Mantras For Relaxation And Peace

Transcendental meditation mantras are a series of sounds, words, or phrases that are repeated silently to oneself during meditation with the intention of producing an altered state of consciousness. The use of mantras is common in many spiritual practices and beliefs. Using a transcendental meditation mantras list can be a great way to find the …

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10 Best Candles To Cleanse Your Mind For Meditation

Candles have been used for centuries for many purposes, including meditation. The right candle can help to create a calm and relaxed environment, and certain scents are believed to be especially beneficial for meditation. In this article, we’ll look at the best candles to use for meditation, as well as the benefits of using candles …

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Law Of Attraction: How To Thank The Universe

Expressing gratitude to thank the universe

When you express gratitude, you open the door to more blessings. Positive energy creates positive momentum. So, how can you thank the Universe for all the good things it has brought into your life? There are many powerful ways to thank the universe within the law of attraction including using a gratitude journal, affirming it, meditation, …

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1111 Spiritual Affirmations To Connect To Your High Self

Spiritual affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful spiritual tool that can help you overcome negative thoughts, connect to your higher power, and promote spiritual growth. The subconscious mind is incredibly influential, and what we believe shapes our reality. If you want to change your life, it starts with changing your thoughts. These spiritual affirmations can help you …

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How To Practice Transcendental Meditation

transcendental meditation benefits

The transcendental meditation technique is a form of meditation that is based on the repetition of a mantra. The word “mantra” comes from the Sanskrit root man, meaning “to think.” The repetition of a mantra is thought to help focus the mind and promote relaxation. The benefits of transcendental meditation include lower blood pressure, stress …

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Sign of An Overactive Crown Chakra and How To Heal It

The seventh chakra or the crown chakra is one of the energy centers and is located at the crown of the head. It is associated with wisdom, understanding, and spiritual connection. When you have an overactive crown chakra, it can lead to feelings of grandiosity, mental fog, and disconnection from the physical world. If you …

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How To Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You're Planted

Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales said that to bloom where you’re planted is to be content with your current circumstance and make the best of it. This couldn’t be more true especially when it comes to our lives today. The exact phrase “bloom where you’re planted” went more like this, ‚ÄúTruly charity has …

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100 Powerful and Positive Mantras for Confidence

positive mantras for confidence

Mantras are like positive affirmations on steroids. They are short, powerful statements that you can repeat to yourself when negative thoughts start creeping in. When negative thoughts begin to take over, it can be difficult to stop them. But if you have positive mantras for confidence to repeat, it can help change the way you …

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