How To Create A Deep Soul Connection

It can be a real struggle to connect with our innermost selves due to numerous distractions in the world around us. The monkey mind is naturally full of chatter, and when combined with technology, it can make it difficult to disconnect and connect with ourselves on a soul level.

However, if we want to live fulfilling and joyful lives, it is important to find ways to connect with our souls.

No matter how you look at it, reaching enlightenment, dharma, connecting to the holy spirit, or whatever you want to call it, is only possible when we have a strong connection with our own souls. It’s also essential to our life’s journey. While we may believe our purpose is the pursuit of happiness, wealth, love, or anything else outside of ourselves no matter how much we grind for those things eventually those pursuits cause us enough distress to question whether those things are what we really want.

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It’s at that point, when we’re questioning everything, that we begin to search within and attend more closely to our soul. Unfortunately, many people never get to this point because they’re too busy chasing things that don’t bring them fulfillment. But if you are reading this, it’s likely that you are at a point in your life where you are ready to connect with your soul.

Creating a deeper soul connection is quite simple and can be boiled down to 3 steps. Be present, be still and silent, and listen.

Connecting with your soul is one of the most profound and intimate experiences you can have.

Be Present

The first step to connecting with your soul is to be present at the moment. Much of our life is spent on auto-pilot, we move through tasks and days without really being aware of our surroundings or what we’re doing. It’s easy to get caught up in the illusionary world we’ve created and forget that we’re actually spiritual beings having a human experience.

From the seat of the soul, it’s important to be present and observe the world around you without judgment. If you think of your soul as an actor on the stage of life and while method acting can be useful, it can also be detrimental to your well-being if you’re too deep in character and forget to come up for air.

To be present, simply observe your surroundings and the people in it without attaching any labels or stories to them. This can be a difficult task because our minds are wired to create stories but with practice, it will become easier.

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Being present also means being aware of your thoughts and emotions without getting lost in them. A helpful way to do this is to imagine your thoughts and emotions as clouds floating by in the sky. You can acknowledge them but you don’t have to get caught up in them. The goal is to be an impartial observer of your life so that you can detach from the drama and connect with the peace and love of your soul.

Ways To Practice Being Present

Practice active listening: When someone is speaking to you, really try to listen to what they’re saying without letting your mind wander. Don’t think about what you’re going to say next, just focus on the conversation at hand.

Observe your surroundings: Take a few moments each day to really look at your surroundings and notice the colors, textures, smells, and sounds.

Practice mindful eating: When you eat, really pay attention to the taste, texture, and smell of your food. Chew slowly and savor each bite.

Focus on your breath: Throughout the day, take a few deep breaths and focus on the sensation of the air moving in and out of your body.

These little activities can help pull you out of your role in the world and into the present moment so that you can connect with your soul.

Be Still and Silent

Our minds are constantly thinking. It’s like a busy street in New York City: all kinds of thoughts, hopes, fears, and memories cross paths and interfere with each other, pulling our attention in different directions and distracting us from what we’re supposed to be focusing on. In order to stay present, we must pay attention to the chatter while remaining somewhat detached from it.

Our conscious mind is important, and we should listen to the voice in our head because it’s a signal from our soul. All of the memories, fears, hopes, regrets, or fantasies we have come with some degree of emotional significance. The emotional tone and intensity reveal the importance of the specific content of consciousness, and the substance frequently refers to or symbolizes a sector of life.

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We also have to preserve a certain level of detachment, what is commonly referred to as an “observing ego.” It is not enough to simply be unemotional and objective. Disassociating ourselves from our emotions means that we’re only using our rational minds. However, feeling is a function of the soul. Therefore, if want to create a deep soul connection, we must be aware of our feelings. We can start understanding the messages of our souls when we observe and feel simultaneously.

This is where stillness and silence come in. If we want to be open to the unconscious mind, we need to create some space for solitude, stillness, and silence in our lives. This is what allows us to connect with the invisible currents that guide our souls. It can be difficult to find time for solitude in our fast-paced, materialistic society. But if we recognize our need for it and make time for it, solitude can become a bridge that connects us to our souls.

Ways To Practice Stillness and Silence

Create time for solitude and silence: though this may be challenging for a lot of people, try and set aside some time each day to go within yourself. This can be done by sitting quietly and seeing what comes into your consciousness. This can be as simple as driving alone without the radio on or sitting in nature and letting your thoughts come and go without judgment.

Journaling: This is a great way to process your thoughts and emotions. Write down whatever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. This will help clear your mind and give you some insight into what’s going on beneath the surface.

Meditation: I am a firm believer that meditation is essential to any spiritual journey and especially for connecting to the soul. Without going on a rant let me quickly explain:

Meditation isn’t sitting with your legs crossed and chanting “om.” Well ok, it is but, in this instance meditation is a mind, body, and soul exercise that is essential to create a connection. It is the practice of training your mind to focus and be present in the moment, which allows you to access the deeper parts of your consciousness.

The more we meditate and bring ourselves back to the present moment when our mind wanders (which it always does) the more we strengthen our ability to observe our thoughts instead of being pulled into them. Eventually, with regular practice, we can create space between our thoughts and ourselves. This is the goal: to be able to step back and observe our thoughts without being pulled into them. From this place of detachment, we can begin to access and receive the deeper parts of our consciousness and connect with our soul.

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There are many different types of meditation, so find one that resonates with you. I have included some of my favorite meditation resources below:

Listen To Your Soul

If you’re still with me, you’ve become aware of the present moment, created some space between your thoughts and yourself, and you’re ready to connect with your soul. Now what?

The best way to connect with your soul is to simply listen. This is easier said than done but it’s important to remember that the soul doesn’t communicate through words. It communicates through feelings, emotions, images, and intuition. In order to receive these messages from our soul, we need to be quiet and still enough to hear them.

Remember earlier when I said, we can start understanding the messages of our souls when we observe and feel simultaneously? Once you start to pick up on your soul messages it’s also important to trust them and act according to them. This can be difficult because our soul often asks us to do things that are out of alignment with our ego but it is at this moment when you begin to choose your path: the path of your soul or the path of your ego.

There will be many times throughout your life when you have to make this choice but it’s important to remember that the more you follow your soul, the more in alignment with your true purpose you will become.

Ways To Listen To Your Soul

Check-in with your body: A great way to start connecting with your soul is by checking in with your body. How does your body feel? What is it trying to tell you? Our bodies are always giving us clues about what we’re feeling on a deeper level but we often ignore them. The next time you’re feeling off, take some time to sit with yourself and see what comes up.

Pay attention to your dreams: Dreams are often our soul’s way of trying to communicate with us. Start paying attention to your dreams and see if you can start to notice any patterns or themes. If you’re having trouble remembering your dreams, try keeping a dream journal next to your bed.

Listen to your intuition: We all have intuition but some of us are better at listening to it than others. Intuition is that little voice inside of you that’s always nudging you in a certain direction. The more you listen to it and trust it, the stronger it will become.

Connect with your emotions: Emotions are also a great way to connect with our souls. Pay attention to the emotions you’re feeling throughout the day and see if you can start to notice any patterns. Are there certain emotions that come up for you more often than others? What might they be trying to tell you?

Creating a deep soul connection is a three-step process that includes: becoming aware of the present moment, creating space between your thoughts and yourself, and listening to your soul. The more you practice these steps, the easier it will become to connect with your soul. And as you continue to connect with your soul, you will start to experience more peace, joy, and purpose in your life.

I strongly recommend you attempt the different approaches I discussed here; trial and error will help you figure out what works best for you specifically. Developing an understanding of your personality—of your soul—and how it connects to the universe/divine/God is the whole point of this journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to connect with your soul, I recommend checking out some of my top resources below: