Cosmic Amethyst Crystal Ball


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Discover the beauty and benefits of an amethyst sphere. Its magnetic field provides positive effects for all living beings and counteracts negative energies, making it a perfect addition to any space. Activate your crown and third eye chakras for mental clarity and relief from anxiety and stress. Plus, it can improve overall health by protecting against insomnia and cell degeneration.

Amplify your spiritual practices and connect to higher consciousness by meditating with an amethyst sphere. It purifies negative vibrations and clears unnecessary thoughts while retaining the power of consciousness and universal energies. Each piece is unique in size, weight, and appearance, handpicked just for you.

Emit positivity and remove negativity by placing your amethyst sphere in your office, kitchen, or living room. We don’t energize the crystal, so you can pour your authentic energy and intentions into it. Your personal energy and intentions cannot be replicated by anyone else, so feel its energy becoming stronger every day. Order yours now!

Material: Natural Crystal

Experience the healing power of 100% natural crystal quartz stones with our new, high-quality product. Hand-polished for a smooth surface, this pure, natural crystal will bring unique beauty to any space.

Choose from two sizes and weights:

  • 60-65g, 32-35mm
  • 35-40g, 29-30mm

Please note that each piece is a natural, handmade boutique production, so no two are exactly alike. Give this special and meaningful gift to friends and loved ones.

Due to manual measurement, please allow for a 1-3cm error and be sure to check the size before ordering. Additionally, colors may vary slightly due to different placement of pictures.